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The historic site of the Yellow Kid Tunnel and entrance to the New Almaden mine. The mine was given the nickname of Yellow Kid after the comics due to a yellow vein in the mine and the comic with the Yellow Kid was a popular comic at the time. The tunnel and the mine has not been used since 1896.

The Yellow Kid is from a comic called Hogan's Alley by R.F. Outcault. R.F. Outcault would also be the man who is regarded to be the father of the Sunday comics. His comic was so great in popularity that newspapers that had his comic had sales go up and The Yellow Kid character even was popular when it came to merchandise.
The marker is not even for the comic itself but is however named after the Yellow Kid because of a yellow vein found in a tunnel in California that was given the name Yellow Kid Tunnel. The tunnel itself is an entrance to the New Almaden mine during the years 1894 to 1896. The mine contains cinnabar and mercury ore with cinnabar and mercury being poisonous materials to mine for. The New Almaden mine was two hundred feet long, eighty feet deep, and can go from thirty to seventy feet wide with the mine being held in support by strong timber as reinforcement in case of collapse.
Not that far away from the tunnel is what is called English Camp where the workers of the mines used to stay with their families when the mine was still in use with a school not far away from the camp. 
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