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Founded in 1968, this small museum preserves the history of the Pierre and Fort Pierre across the river. It is located inside a 1930s community hall building and features several exhibits showcasing the area's history. Visitors will see a recreated country store, an original telephone operator’s station, photographs, handcrafted items, and Native American artifacts. There are also items related to Pierre native Casey Tibbs (1929-1990), who was a famous rodeo performer and actor. The museum is named after Louis and Chevalier Verendrye, French brothers who explored this area in 1734. The only reason their presence here is known is because they left a metal plate on the hill just to the west of the museum, where a monument dedicated to them now stands.

  • The Verendrye Museum was founded in 1968.
"Verendrye Museum." Historic Pierre. Accessed February 26, 2018.

Photo: South Dakota Historical Society