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Founded in 1950, this museum started in three classrooms at the University of Miami. Since then it has amassed over 15,000 pieces of art and moved into its own 2,100-square-foot gallery, serving both the university and the general public. Lowe dedicates itself to education - students and faculty have annual exhibitions and tours engage visitors with questions and open dialogue. But this is more than just a student gallery. Five thousand years of art adorn the halls from the museum's permanent collection, which boasts Greco-Roman marble statues and painted pottery, Mayan and Incan carvings, Baroque and Renaissance oil paintings, African textiles and an expansive Asian art collection - the baby of museum director Brian Dursum, who is also an Asian curator. There's also a smaller modern and contemporary collection, including work from American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and printmaker Frank Stella. Monthly happy hours sponsored by Bacardi offer special tours of exhibits, live music and international cuisine.