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O'Fallon Park was donated to the City & County of Denver in 1938 and became one of the last to be acquired by Denver Mountain Parks. The 850-acre park in Bear Creek Canyon was donated by Martin J. O'Fallon for "the use and pleasure of the people." HistoriCorps will be working on bears a plaque with Martin's wishes inscribed on it.

  • Chimney located in O'Fallon Park
  • Bear Creek contributes to the peaceful and accessible, yet wild, setting of this project
O'Fallon Park is the largest of the Corwina-Pence-O'Fallon park district. The three parks are contiguous, and were all acquired in the years between 1914 and 1938. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places just after Christmas in 1990.

O’Fallon Park is part of a series of Jefferson County and Denver Mountain Parks that are connected by Bear Creek and the Bear Creek Trail. Quartz riddles the trails and butterflies alight on flowers along the five trails that weave through the park. The O’Fallon Park picnic area is right beside Bear Creek and plenty of shade provided by the Ponderosa Pines that cover it.

Find a map of trails at O'Fallon Park here.

In Summer 2018 HistoriCorps will head to O'Fallon Park to restore the O'Fallon Chimney. Visit to find out how you can support this project. All HistoriCorps projects are FREE for volunteers!
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