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A large frame vernacular (local style) house completed between 1803 and 1870. Augustus Chapman served Monroe County many times in the Virginia Assembly and the state of Virginia in the 28th U.S. Congress. During the Civil War in the campaigns of 1861 in the Kanawha Valley he served as a Brig. General of the Va. Militia in the Confederate Army. Gen. Chapman's son, George Bernie Chapman, organized a company from Monroe and surrounding counties, known as Chapman's Battery, and was its captain until mortally wounded at the Battle of Winchester.

Standing to the left of the Monroe County Historical Society museums is the 19th century home of General Augustus Chapman, one of the great political and military leaders of Monroe County. The building is currently used for local government services. 

General Chapman represented the county in the Virginia Assembly and the state in the 28th U.S. Congress. He served in the Confederate Army as Brigadier General of the Virginia Militia. 

"The general was the best of neighbors, kindhearted, always good to the poor, polite, pleasant, a good speaker and fine lawyer. The oldest son, Capt. Beirne Chapman, a brave, talented boy, came home from school and raised a company of Artillery for the defense of his state. He was mortally wounded at Winchester, Va. Sept 19, 1864. No vestige of this happy family is left." (Francis)
  • Francis, John A. Remembrances Then and Now, A Walking Tour of Union in 1894. Union, WV: Monroe County Historical Society, 2001.