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The Central Presbyterian Church in Rochester, New York, was originally organized as the Bethel Free Church. It became the Washington Street Presbyterian Church in 1846, and the Central Presbyterian Church in 1858. The original location and building is now the Hochstein School of Music and Dance. This church is important in relation to Frederick Douglass because it was chosen to house his funeral due to its large size and convenient location. His procession through Rochester began at the Central-Hudson Station and twelve policemen delivered him to City Hall, where he stayed for a few hours. Through the Fitzhugh Street entrance of the hall, they exited with guards to the Central Presbyterian Church on Plymouth Street, where his funeral began. After his funeral he passed through East Main Street onto St Paul onto Mount Hope where his body was laid to rest. This entry is part of a public history project developed by the RIT Museum Studies program in celebration of the bicentennial of Frederick Douglass’s birth (February 1818). The items shown in this entry are taken from Rochester and Monroe County Public Library's website.

  • Central Presbyterian, 1922 
Albert R. Stone Collection, RMSC

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