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The Powers Hotel, built by Daniel Powers, opened in 1883 and was located in the Powers Building, constructed between 1865 ande 1868. This was the largest building erected in Rochester for many years owing to Powers' decision to continually increase the size of the building that bore his name. For example, the 7th and 8th floor were added in the 1880s so that the building remained taller than any other structure. This construction was followed by a four-story tower in later years. The building was also home to the largest private art gallery when Powers converted the entire fifth floor into a gallery to hold his expansive collection of works he acquired on various European trips. The building functioned as a hotel into the latter half of the 1900s, and it presently functions as the Executive Office Building.

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In February of 1895, when Fredrick Douglass’s body was being laid to rest, his family rested at the Powers Hotel in between the public viewing of Douglass’s body and the church ceremony. 

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