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The Onondaga Historical Association operates a local history museum and research center that is open to the public. The Main Gallery offers a comprehensive presentation of the distinctive and diverse history of Onondaga County. It offers permanent and temporary exhibits at this location and throughout downtown and the county. Permanent exhibits here explore the settlement and foundation of Syracuse and the county, the role the city played in the Underground Railroad, and the Syracuse China company, which produced fine dinnerware for over 130 years. Temporary exhibits explore many other aspects of the county's history including fashion, war, and the salt industry. The museum houses a large collection of 3D and 2D objects that number well over a million items. Interesting items include typewriters, lanterns, washing equipment, Syracuse China, clothing, and a daguerreotype (an early photograph) of Frederick Douglass.

  • The Onondaga Historical Association Archives and Museum was established in 1863.
"Our History." Onondaga Historical Association Archives and Museum.