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The location of the site of The CPL. Larry E. Smedley National War Museum, known as "The Bunker" is 3400 N Tanner Rd, Orlando FL, located in Orange County. The building is 18 years old, established in 2000. The museum displays models, artifacts, vehicles, planes, and structures that were used during the Vietnam War. In the center of the space the museum building displays more historic pieces. There are paintings hung up on the wall, newspaper articles, medals and more models and artifacts from the war that are much smaller so they are kept inside.

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The Larry E. Smedley Vietnam war museum is located at 3400 N. Tanner Rd
Orlando, FL 32826. It is a Vietnam war museum dedicated to Mr. Smedley for receiving the medal of honor and for his amazing acts within the Quang Nam Province, Republic of Vietnam according to The reason for this museum was also to tell about the tragic war that went on within southeast Asia and to not let people forget the valiant sacrifices that were made against the war on terror.

The Museum was established in the early 2000s and is operated by the Vietnam and All Veterans of Central Florida, Inc while also being supported by a non-profit organization founded in 1982 dedicated to also helping all service men and women of all kinds of branches within the military. The significance of this museum is to make sure that the events of the Vietnam war don’t go forgotten to recognize what soldiers did to protect people against terror and recreate events and what it was like within this war to show what soldiers had to go through. It also serves to make sure people who pass in and out of the museum will have a better understanding of past and present military conflicts according to

Within the time period before the Vietnam war broke out America and the Soviet Union were in a Cold War with each other as the United States opposed Soviet spread of communism. Out of fear that many places would fall under communism, America announced that they would come to aid any country threatened by communism and Vietnam was one such country. Many presidents during this time saw it fit to help such countries such as Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Nixon. Though not everyone was for the war efforts. A movement to protest the Vietnam war was put in place to oppose it. People would burn draft cards. Though the movement would turn a bit violent when the leaders started to state that if they didn’t withdraw the soldiers from the war they would need troops to stop a revolution from going on in the home front of America. About 503,926 soldiers deserted the war effort, questioning its purpose. Opposition to the draft appeared among college students and the hippie movement. Most college students were not actually drafted because they could avoid it by obtaining a deferment.

The Museum though focuses on the events within the war. They even collect artifacts from the war to make it more authentic. They have Vehicles such as a Navy Patrol Boat River, Douglas A-4B Sky Hawk aircraft, and a Bell UH-1 (Huey) Dustoff helicopter. They even have a recreation of Firebase Bastogne in Vietnam which took them about eleven years to re-create. The firebase was the first ever established within Vietnam ever. The Museum even has traveling shows that they do at schools and more to make sure that everyone knows about this even that took place in history.

It also has its own Vietnam memorial which is the first one here in Florida to remember all of the veterans who are from Florida who served in the Vietnam war. This museum has its own website which helps people know about the war and how the efforts were fought and how they are helping all kinds of vets and also how they are educating people about this war and what went on within it not only with soldiers but the places the soldiers were stationed and how they lived and way way more. When it opened, The Bunker included the first monument in the state of Florida dedicated to fallen Vietnam War Veterans, with many names of men and women from the state of Florida and now every American can came to see it. 

It is a non-profit museum but they do accept donations. The museum does offer guided tours  and you can learn more in depth and learn about the artifacts. Their goal is to educate the public in the hope that everyone who enters and sees, will leave with a better understanding of past and present military events.

The name of the museum came from the story of Larry E. Smedley, a young man from the military that was killed saving fellow men that were serving with him. "He received a memorial plaque, at the Orange County Courthouse and on the roster of the nation’s Medal of Honor recipients".  "At the high school that he went to named “Colonial High School”, he has a hall dedicated to him" ( Darryl Owens, Sentinel Columnist). They were also contemplating naming the high school after him, but it was later decided that it would be an odd name for the school because “ Smedley” sounds like “smelly”. "County Mayor Teresa Jacobs dedicated a display for Cpl. Larry Eugene Smedley, with the Marine Corps, who was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously”. "Smedley’s medal and portrait will stay on display in the rotunda" ( Marjorie Sturgeon, Web Content Editor). It is a Museum dedicated to all veterans and to honor them, you will find a lot of information of veterans from Florida, but you will also learn about Veterans from the world. 

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