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Founded in 1844, the Maryland Historical Society is the state's oldest operating cultural institution. It is located in the former mansion owned by philanthropist Enoch Pratt built in 1847. It features a museum and library and offers various educational programs and public events. The museum contains 350,000 objects, 2,000 paintings, the largest collection of works of art created by the Peale family (for 125 years, members of this family, beginning with Charles Peale, painted Philadelphia's leading citizens; in 1814, Rembrandt Peale founded the Baltimore Museum of Fine Arts), maritime artifacts, painted and inlaid furniture, costumes, ceramics, dolls and other toys, and quilts. As for the library holds 60,000 books, 800,000 photographs, 5 million manuscripts, 6,500 prints and broadsides, and 1 million ephemera. The Society moved into the Pratt mansion in 1919 and has renovated and built additions to it since then.

  • The Maryland Historical Society was established in 1844 and features a museum and library.
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