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Located in HemisFair Park and operated by the University of San Antonio, the Institute of Texan Cultures celebrates the state's diverse cultural heritage. Its roots go back to 1968 when it began as the Texas State Exhibit Pavilion at the 1968 World's Fair, which was called HemisFair '68. The Institute includes a museum with 65,000 square feet of exhibit space for short and long-term exhibits. There is also a library where visitors can conduct research. It contains a wide variety of historical materials including three million photographs, over 900 oral histories, personal papers, and rare books. The following cultures are represented here: Native American, African American, Italian, English, Irish, Scottish, Norwegian, Swedish, Swiss, Chinese, Wendish (these people came from an area in Prussia), Hungarian, Lebanese, Danish, Dutch, German, Czech, Japanese, French, Spanish/Tejano, Greek, Jewish, Polish, and Belgian.

  • The Institute of Texan Cultures preserves and promotes the many cultures that have shaped the state's history.
The Institute also offers educational and public programs to people of all ages, as well as various events throughout the year. This includes the annual Texas Folklife Festival. The Institute is a Smithsonian Affiliate and is currently, as of 2018, forming plans to redevelop its long-term exhibition floor from a thematic approach.   
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