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The National Museum of Hip Hop is a non-profit organization in New York that started in the year of 2006. Its dedicated to the History of Hip Hop music artifacts and other genres that help make Hip Hop.

  • Inside of the Museum
  • RUN DMC artifacts donated into the Museum for display

The National Museum of Hip Hop in a Museum also known as NMoH was founded in 2006. It is a Museum dedicated to local artists and also artists all around the world. It is a non- profit organization that struggled at the beginning upon opening but has succeeded well since.

This museum is dedicated to bringing the culture of Hip Hop back to life by taking many donations for a variety of artists in the Hip Hop Genre. Hip Hop has changed so much over the years but the heart and soul each lyric puts behind their words and their music makes it more special. This Museum wants to bring the culture back to life.

They want to show the world and fans the change and the efforts that have flew through this genre. The National Museum of Hip Hop shows our society the true back bone of Hip Hop by expressing its back bone. By back bone, this means all genres that consist in Hip Hop.

Hip Hop isn’t just words thrown together, this museum shows that. It shows artifacts from blues artists, Latin artists, Reggae artists and more.