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The main building of Mickey's Museum was built in 1963 and was furnished with a collection of Sheridan County archives of Vernon and Isabelle Mickey. Through the years two more rooms have been added, housing a rotating exhibit and the Sheridan County Historical Society. On the grounds is the Beehive Schoolhouse, a country school that was moved onto the property in 1983 and is set up as it was in the early days of Sheridan County. This school house was in session from 1897-1953.

  • Beehive Schoolhouse District #25
  • Sheridan County Historical Society and Mickey's Museum

Vernon Mickey donated Mickey’s Museum to Sheridan County in 1994.  The Sheridan CountyHistorical Society was    Vernon & Isabelle Mickey appointed caretakers of Vernon and Isabelle’s collection. Vernon received many donations to his unique collection. 

Through the years two more rooms were   added to the complex.  One of these rooms now houses a rotating exhibit.  The rotating exhibit is changed every three to six months.  Both rooms feature displays of artifacts representing the history of Sheridan County.  

The Beehive School was District #25 in Sheridan County and was in Session from 1897-1953. The school gives our visitors an authentic experience of a one-room schoolhouse on the western plains.  The student desks desks and most the furnishings are original to the building.  The Library in the schoolhouse contains several books from school districts in Sheridan County.

If you are looking for local history or searching for your family genealogy, The Sheridan County Historical Society is here to assist you.  Adding to the archives since it began in 1976, the Historical Society has a vast collection of the history of Sheridan County and the pioneers who settled here.The archives include many family histories, interviews of Sheridan County residents, and several family photos. Information for most of the small communities in Sheridan County as well as the churches and schools are in the ever growing archives. 

  The Historical Society office has been newly remodeled with the interior woodwork and teller windows of the original First National Bank of Hoxie.  Although the newly remodeled space gives visitors the feeling they have stepped back in time, the new space is equipped with new technologies to make your research more efficient.  The new research area offers visitors plenty of room to research with the assistance of the helpful and friendly staff and volunteers.