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Waverley Mansion is located between the cities of Columbus and West Point in Mississippi. It is commonly known today as one of the most significant antebellum homes in the United States. Its unique architecture and history make the mansion a notable location today. The mansion was built by Colonel George Hampton Young in the 1850s and was occupied by the Young family until 1913. The house was then empty for nearly 50 years before being purchased by Donna and Robert Snow in 1962. The Snows began renovating and restoring the mansion after purchasing it, and the family still owns it today.

  • Waverly Mansion
  • Waverly Mansion
Waverley Mansion is a unique historic home in Mississippi. Located between the cities of Columbus and Mississippi today, the house was built in an area that was once a prime location for cotton growing. Many plantation owners in this area accumulated wealth that was reflected in the grandeur of their homes. The Waverley Mansion is one such house, designed to entertain and impress visitors with its many features.

The house was designed for Colonel George Hampton Young by architect Charles Pond. The plans for the house were created in the 1940s, and the house was completed in 1952. It is not known precisely when construction began on the mansion. The Young family lived in Waverley Mansion until 1913, when the last of the ten children, son William Young, passed away. The house was the closed up and unoccupied for nearly 50 years.

During its days as a functioning plantation, Waverley Mansion was a large, self-sustaining farm that produced immense quantities of cotton. The plantation contained a sawmill, gristmill, tannery, garden, and orchard. The mansion was also able to manufacture gas on the grounds that was used for lighting within the house. This unique lighting system sets Waverley Mansion apart from others of its kind.

In 1962, nearly 50 years after the closing of Waverley Mansion, the property was purchased by Robert and Donna Snow. The two fell in love with the mansion and began the process of restoring it to its original beauty. The Mansion is still owned by the Snow family today and is once again a symbol of architecture and history. It is also known as one of the most haunted homes in the South. Several different restless spirits have been observed at the site.
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