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The Great Lakes Science Center offers exhibits that help visitors understand science, technology, and their interdependence with the environment. Many of the exhibits document the features of the natural environment in the Great Lakes region of the United States. The NASA Glenn Visitor Center, which features more than 50 exhibits and artifacts, is the new home for exhibits previously located at the NASA Glenn Research Center. The visitor center includes the actual Skylab 3 Command Module. Other features include a spacesuit worn by astronaut Paul Weitz during his 1973 spacewalk. Families will enjoy activities such as NASA flight simulators.

  • The Great Lakes Science Center opened in July 1996.
  • The Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module is on display in the visitor center.
The museum opened in July 1996. The center's signature exhibits concentrate in three major areas: Great Lakes environment, technology, and science phenomenon. During the 2005/2006 school year, a new Outreach program made its debut, and Great Summer Science, the museum's summer science camps, started summer 2006.
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