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Fluted Columns tower over the grand portico of this charming Greek Revival mansion with its Gothic and Italianate details. Shadowlawn houses many wonderful Victorian collections including novelty clocks, calling card receivers and aesthetic silver and silver-plate. It is an excellent example of the Antebellum and early Victorian lifestyles. Beautifully restored in 2001, this historic home is now a Bed and Breakfast.

  • Shadowlawn
  • Shadowlawn


The builder of Shadowlawn, Benjamin Catley, was born in England, had 2 children in Canada, and was in Columbus by 1839. On August 1st, 1848, he bought this entire city block from the Franklin School for $9.00, but the stipulation was he had to have it paid before sundown that day.

Ten Families have lived in the house. 

Mr & Mrs TA McGahey, owners of the local marble works company at that time, bought the house in the early 20's. The McGaheys modernized the home, as was the custom in their time. Mrs. McGahee redid the plaster on the walls, redid the fireplaces with marble, refloored the downstairs, added the kitchen, bathrooms and closets.

The porch was originally wooden. There was a car accident at this corner and a car came into the yard and crashed causing a lot of damage to the northeast side of the porch. They replaced the wood with marble when they repaired the porch.