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The Lowndes County Courthouse operates as the seat of government for Lowndes County, Mississippi. Lowndes County itself was named after William Jones Lowndes, a congressman from South Carolina who lived from 1782 to 1822. The county was established in 1830, and the county courthouse was constructed in 1847. The Lowndes County Courthouse was historically used by the Mississippi Legislature when the capital of Mississippi fell to the Union during the Civil War.

  • The Lowndes County Courthouse
  • Another view of The Lowndes County Courthouse
  • An image of the courthouse taken in 1933
The Lowndes County Courthouse is an important government building located in Columbus, Mississippi. It operates as the seat of government for Lowndes County, which is located in the Northeastern part of Mississippi. The courthouse was constructed in 1847 and was designed by James Lull, a local architect. The building was then remodeled between 1901 and 1905 using the designs of Reuben H. Hunt, an architect based out of Chattanooga. 

Lowndes County itself was created on January 30, 1830. The area of land where Lowndes County sits has historically been an agricultural hub, primarily based in cotton due to early European settlement in the 1800s. The City of Columbus in Lowndes County makes up one of three points of the Golden Triangle, a region in Mississippi that is known for robust economic development. The triangle's other points are defined by Starkville in Oktibbeha County and West Point in Clay County. 

The Lowndes County Courthouse also has a unique history that is linked to the county and the state of Mississippi. During the Civil War, Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, fell to Union soldiers. When this occurred, the Mississippi Legislature chose to meet at the Lowndes County Courthouse. This unique occurrence gives the courthouse a significant history that extends outside of the county itself, impacting the State of Mississippi as a whole.
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