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The Frisby House was built in approximately 1906 and was the home of Joseph Frisby, who served as both justice of the peace and mayor of Provo. He was also a Provo businessman. Following his death, the home was sold to Charles Hopkins, who was also involved in Provo business and civic affairs. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Joseph Frisby was an English immigrant who settled in Provo in about 1903. The exact date of the home’s construction is not known, but it’s likely that it was built shortly after Frisby purchased the property in 1905. The home was built in the Victorian Eclectic style, a style that was not commonly used in Utah but was more popular in Utah County, particularly among middle- and upper-class residents. 

Frisby became involved in business and local politics soon after arriving in Provo. He operated a mercantile business for several years and served as mayor from 1906-1907. Though Frisby’s tenure as mayor was short, it was eventful. There were plans to build a new train depot in the city, and residents and both the east and west sides of the city were determined to get the depot in their respective part of town. Frisby, who lived on the west side, was elected because of support from westsiders, who expected that he would ensure that the depot was built in their part of the city. But Frisby won by a small margin and because of that, he was reluctant to take a stand on the issue. When his term as mayor ended, the issue still had not been resolved. It was not until 1909 that the city got its depot—on the west side of town 

At the time of Frisby’s death in 1915, he was serving as justice of the peace. At that time, he was living in a house just down the street, having sold his original home to Charles Hopkins. Hopkins was also a prominent citizen in Provo. In addition to being a businessman, he also served on the city commission and as postmaster. 

The Frisby home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

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