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Located on 135 acres within Dothan Landmark Park, the Alabama Agricultural Museum's mission is to preserve the heritage of Southeast Alabama. The park offers several living history buildings and presentations available to visitors focusing on the early 1900s. The Park offers several special living history events throughout the year to give a fuller understanding of rural life in Alabama. The Alabama Agricultural Museum Board serves at Landmark Park.

  • Landmark Park
  • Landmark Park

Alabama Agricultural Museum, also known as Landmark Park, is located just outside Dothan, Alabama. The Museum preserves the history of Southeast Alabama by offering living history exhibits and events. Located within the Museum is an 1890s living history farm that educates visitors about rural life in the area during the postbellum period. The farmhouse runs as if it is was working far with animals, a smokehouse, and a cane mill. 

In addition, the Museum also includes a historical representation of a small downtown area in the early 1900s. This area includes a typical one-room schoolhouse, a general store, and a church building. These areas allow visitors to have a more full understanding of the lives of Alabama residents in the area.

As a national park, this area also includes several natural hikes and trails. These trails are available year round. The rural location is typical for the type of farmhouse and small town that are shown in the museum. The park offers several yearly special events that preserve history from  the early 1900s through today.