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Democrat Hollow originally was the home to Lincoln Memorial University's staff and their families. One theory suggests that the area received its name because the majority of the families who lived there belonged to the Democratic Party. Today, the area is a picnic and High Adventure Area for the University.

  • These are four of the six original homes that stood in Democrat Hollow.
  • The Senior Class of 1956 built this recreational structure in Democrat Hollow.
The six family homes that once stood in Democrat Hollow disappeared as time moved forward. Eventually, the area was converted to recreational use. The Senior Class of 1956 was the first to build a recreational area. Over the years, Democrat Hollow has served as a popular bonfire spot, a Haunted Forest site, and a picnic area.

In the new millennium, a High Adventure Area was added to Democrat Hollow. It includes a ropes course and a zipline. 
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