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Steam Engine 1529 within Amory's Frisco park is very special to the surrounding community. It's historical significance is something that the community holds very high. Every year, in the month of April, Amory holds what is known as the "Railroad Festival" which is solely based upon this steam engine.

The 1529 Steam Engine was one of many "mountain" type locomotives that belonged to the SLSF (otherwise known as Frisco) Railway. This particular locomotive was one that carried President FDR to the city of Amory during his trip to Tupelo. Mr. President spoke very highly of the city of Amory which the city took and still takes very much pride in. After the invention of the diesel engine, steam engines were made irrelevant. Steam Engine 1529 was the last "mountain" type locomotive to be relieved from its duties. On October 29, 1953 the steam engine was given to the city of Amory, where it was happily received.
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