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This historical marker is located near the site where "The King of the Blues" was born.

  • Mississippi Blues Trail Marker "A half mile southeast" of the cabin B.B King was born.
        On September 6, 1925 Riley B. King was born to Albert and Nora Ella King in the small town of Berclair, Mississippi. King's birthplace was a small home located about a half mile southeast of this marker. King's family were sharecroppers who labored on land owned by others. King's father left when B.B. King was four so the family moved to Killmichael, Mississippi to move in with Elnora Farr, the mother of King's mother.
      Even though B.B. King was born in Berclair, he always called Indianola his home. After he moved to Indianola he worked as a tractor driver for a number of years. He worked odd jobs in Memphis and played music for all who would listen. As his fame grew while playing joints and haunts around Beale Street, he earned the nickname "Blues Boy." King embraced the nickname but shortened it to "B.B.." The marker commemorates the early years of "The King of the Blues" and demonstrates the connection between this musical genre and the small towns and agricultural communities of Mississippi. 
B.B. King Birthplace. Accessed 10/5/17. 
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