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Established in 1988, this museum includes exhibits and artifacts that preserve and share the history and experience of enlisted members of the United States Air Force. The museum offers educational programs, exhibits, and artifacts dating back to the Army Air Force.

  • Airmen Memorial Museum was established by Air Force members in 1988
The Airmen Memorial Museum was founded in 1988 by the Air Fore Sergeants Association with the purpose of offering a space to display and preserve artifacts such as photographs, letters, books and other items that belonged to members of the Air Force. As a museum funded by its members, the museum is not a neutral space, but rather a space designated to offer tribute to members of the Air Force.

The museum is divided in sections that correspond to specific eras and career fields. Visitors can take a guided tour from one of the staff members or volunteers, or they can take a self-guided tour throughout the museum.
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