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Brush Creek Falls is a local gem for residents of Princeton, Athens and Pipestem area. The area is property of Pipestem State Park. The 50+ wide 25' falls are a popular spot for photographers, nature lovers and for tourists/locals to visit. Located in the Brush Creek Nature Preserve, Brush Creek is a 124 acre area by the confluence of Brush Creek and the Bluestone River. The falls are adjacent to interstate 77.

Brush Creek Falls is a peaceful and beautiful place to sight see. It is great for photographers and nature lovers of all kinds. This spot over the years has become a very popular place to the locals in Mercer/Summers county area.

The falls are easy to get to after following a very short trail that parallels Brush Creek and the Bluestone River. You can scale down the side of a hill to get to the bottom of the falls to swim, have a picnic, or just explore. Although it is wise to be cautious if you choose to do this because it is not allowed, but this has never stopped any of the locals.

This easy to get to lower level of the falls is what has made this spot so popular to locals. High School students and College Students from concord University often come down to swim in the water beneath the falls and turn this sight seeing trail into a recreational spot. The only downfall to this beautiful site is that because of the popularity from High School and College Students it has gained a reputation of being a "party spot" so occasionally you may find trash laying around. because this had became an issue Pipestem State Park started to patrol the area more often, put up fences and signs notifying that you are not allowed to scale down to the lower level. Although these efforts still have not stoped the locals because this spot still to this day remains popular among young people.


Brush Creek Falls is on Eads Mill Road and is a natural landmark/historic manufacturing site.  Jimmy D. Johnson built a water powered mill at the site in 1880. A water wheel powered a machine to grind grain to make yarn and blankets. In 1896, George Sturdevant and John W. Johnson bought the factory and built new buildings with macienes powered by  water turbines. eventually they had a fall out and their property never developed any further.

More from the area: In the past few years this area has gained more popularity which has lead to new attractions close to the falls such as Brush Creek Falls RV Resort. this resort offers cottages and spots for RV's or campers. The resort is home of Campfire Grill and the 304 Speedway. There are many activities to do on this resort such as mini golf, ate trails, a pool, gem mine, arcade, laser tag, playgrounds, skiing, white water rafting, and the 304 speedway.
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