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The New England Civil War Museum is the only Civil War museum in the state of Connecticut established by the veterans themselves. The New England Civil War Museum and its library, works to convey the lessons of the American Civil War. The museum arums to perpetuate the memory of the Civil War and of those who helped to save the Union.

  • The New England Civil War Museum is on the second floor of the building that also serves as the Town Hall
  • An example of a Union Soldier during the Civil War displayed at the museum
The library of the museum traces its history back to the original Burpee Post #71 when it established its own post library and reading area for its members. Since the library was created, along with the museum, the members have collected and received over a thousand different books, letters, manuscripts, periodicals, and images related to the Civil War in New England and Connecticut. 

The Museum hopes to educate the public in regards to the Civil War in the country, the state, and the local towns surrounding the museum. The museum offers educational outreach programs focusing on historical education to the youth and to lifelong learning adults.