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The American Military Museum's purpose is to educate the general public about those who have honorably served our country, and those who are currently serving. The museum contains artifacts and displays from all time periods up to the present. There are special showcases featured in the museum along with a rare artifact display.

  • On Display: General William Knowlton uniforms etc.
  • Special Artifact: Korean War Propaganda Leaflet
    The American Military Museum was established by George Meagher in 1987 ( .  The museum contains artifacts and display cases from each branch of the military, from all different war eras up to the present.  The museum presents the artifacts in reverse chronological order, making it easy to follow along with what era each item came from.  
     Numerous exhibits in the museum are one of a kind, and cannot be seen anywhere else.  The museum may be toured with educational groups as well as individually.  On display you will find gear, uniforms, and even special featured artifacts, such as a Korean War Propaganda Leaflet.
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