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The purpose of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History is to display and appreciate the me and women who served the country and to ensure that the freedoms Americans enjoy are not taken for granted. The museum is there to educate the public on the important military and home front role played by the community of Jacksonville and the men and women of the armed services. The museum is located where it once was the site of the administration building of the Jacksonville Ordnance Plant during World War II. The site is now 4,500 square feet with a new additional 10,000 square foot area of new construction behind the building. There are many permanent and special exhibits located throughout the museum's galleries.

  • The Jacksonville Museum of Military History
  • A display of dogtags from soldiers, one of many exhibits at the museum
Dedicated volunteers from the surrounding area were able to put together the entire museum, which opened May 1, 2005, after twenty years of planning. The artifacts on display are all on loan or were gifts from local citizens, all being in original form. Volunteers also come form the Little Rock Air Force Base, who have helped landscape the area and help maintain janitorial work. The museum displays are built around local and regional events throughout military history.

The 10,000 square foot addition is now a home for some military vehicles and displays for the Korean, Gulf, Afghan, and Iraqi Wars. There is also a small theater where visitors can watch and enjoy films and lectures. The museum is now a main attraction in Arkansas and was voted as one of the top 175 places to visit in Arkansas!