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The Williams-Drummond home was built in 1876 for William S. Williams and was purchased in 1880 by John Craig Drummond. Drummond came to the area with his brother in 1849 as part of the gold rush. Drummond eventually became a prominent farmer in the area. The home remained in the Drummond family until the early twentieth century.

Williams-Drummond House

Williams-Drummond House
The Williams-Drummond home was built in 1876 for William S. Williams. Williams owned the home for four years and sold it to John Craig Drummond in 1880. Drummond came to the Sacramento area in 1849 along with his brother and worked for a number of years as a Blacksmith to save money for a home.

In 1881, Drummond bought 700 acres to the southeast of Davisville, becoming one of the community's largest landowners and a successful farmer and horse trainer. Drummond purchased the home so that his four daughters could attend school in town. 

After Drummond and his wife Sarah died, ownership of the home passed to their three remaining daughters. One of the daughters, Lillian Drummond Hafner, purchased the home from her sisters and kept it for a number of years, although she did not live in the home. In subsequent years, the home passed through a variety of owners. At present, the home is owned by Rhonda Reed and Ken Gebhart, who have been restoring the property since they purchased it in 1980.

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