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The Confederate Memorial was erected to the honor and memory of the Confederate soldiers who served in the Civil War from Mercer County, Virginia, which is now West Virginia. The Memorial was dedicated on September 11, 2003. It is located in Oakwood Cemetery in Princeton, West Virginia.

  • The front of the Confederate Memorial
  • The back of the Confederate Memorial

The Memorial was erected and dedicated by members of Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp Number 1694, also known as the Flat Top Copperheads and the Parshandatha Foley Chapter of the order of Bonnie Blue.

The Flat Top Copperheads was a company organized by Captain Richard B. Foley, on August 22, 1861, as Company F, 151st Virginia Militia.  The Parshandatha Foley Chapter of the order of Bonnie Blue was named for Parshandatha Foley, wife of Captain Richard B. Foley, organizer of the Flat Top Copperheads.

It has been recorded that Mercer County organized and equipped eleven full companies for the Confederate service in proportion to population more than any County in Virginia. 

A portion of the inscription on the back of the Memorial states:  Let the stranger, who in future time reads this inscription know that no Virginia county ever had truer sons or fearless defenders than those of Mercer County, Virginia, now West Virginia.   Their loyalty to their state taught them how to live and how to die; teaching future generations who claim the same birthright that truth, courage, and patriotism endure forever.

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