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This beautiful Beau Arts building was constructed in 1901 and still operates today as a library. It is owned and operated by the Yazoo Libary Association, which was founded in 1838. The association operated a library in several locations, including City Hall, before moving into the current building. The library is named after General B.S. Ricks, the late husband of Fannie Ricks, the woman responsible for providing the funds to construct the new building. The association and and the library have provided much of the cultural activity for the city, giving the building added significance. The library was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

  • Ricks Memorial Library was built in 1901 and has operated as such ever since.
Fannie Ricks was active in Yazoo in other ways as well. For example, she provided funding for the summer school program held at the University of Mississippi.
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Photo: Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, via Wikimedia Commons