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Founded in 1969, the Museum of the Mississippi Delta preserves and promotes the cultural and natural history of the Delta region through its numerous exhibits and collections. It emphasizes the "five-As": art, agriculture, archaeology, antiques, and animals. The art collection is centered around Mississippi art and includes all forms of media. For agriculture, the museum features various old tools and other artifacts. The museum holds and impressive archaeology collection comprised of Native American artifacts such as tools, axes, points, and pottery. Antiques can be found in various exhibits around the museum. The museum also features a 12,000 year-old mastodon and a 65 million year-old mosasaur, as well as stuffed animals, insect specimens, and fossils. Another interesting part of the Native American exhibit is the collection of home furnishings that once belonged to Greenwood Leflore, the last Choctaw chief before tribe was forced to move to Oklahoma in the 1800s. The museum also includes an exhibit on military history, which features uniforms, posters, and other artifacts.

  • These are some of the many Native American artifacts on display at the museum.
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Photo: Museum of the Mississippi Delta