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Founded in 2009, the Orangefield Cormier Museum brings visitors back to the 1920s, when Orange was a rural but thriving oil town. The museum is comprise of two large buildings, one which contains a recreated 1920s village featuring a post office, jail, bank, general store, and other exhibits. All of them contain period furnishings and items on display. The other building features a skating rink (which has parts of an original wooden skating floor), a replica school complete with old books and lunch boxes, old toys, antique cars, and an oil rig.

Orangefield Cormier Museum was founded in 2009.

Orangefield Cormier Museum was founded in 2009.
The museum was envisioned by Orange resident Paul Cormier (1919-2009), who worked as a oil well service and drilling contractor throughout his life. He was very involved in the community, serving on a number of boards and active member of the First Baptist Church Orangefield.
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Photo: Orangefield Cormier Museum