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Deibert Park was donated to the people of Florence by Dr. Kirk R. and Lillian Cook-Deibert. The pair acquired this property in 1952, and it was officially dedicated on May 25, 2000. The Children's Museum of the Shoals, an interactive learning experience for young kids, is near the entrance of the park.

  • Deibert Park
  • The grave of Lillian Cook-Deibert, located within Deibert Park

Deibert Park is a place where people of all ages can enjoy time outdoors. With multiple activities created specifically for children, it is also an educational site that teaches kids about history and the world around them. The park is known to include trails, ponds, playgrounds, and a Wisconsin-style barn.

The park was established on land that was a part of Judge Sidney Cherry Posey's large antebellum plantation. In 1875, Posey's heirs sold the farm to Charles Posey, a man who had worked as a slave on the fields he was purchasing. Charles and his wife Amcy divided the land among their children later in life. This settlement was then known as Posey. It is said that Charles Posey built a schoolhouse on the property for the neighborhood children.

Later on, the land was owned by Dr. Kirk R. and Lillian Cook-Deibert. Mrs. Deibert was very interested in raising cattle and used the land to breed horses for many years. Later in life, the Deiberts donated their land for the creation of Deibert Park under the condition that it would never be used for commercial development. 

Near the entrance of the park is the Children's Museum of the Shoals, an interactive educational experience that encourages children to learn through playing and doing. With multiple lessons about science, fossils, and history, the museum is educational as well as entertaining. There are special activities for children of all ages, making the museum a perfect place for all children to learn and explore.


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