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This Neo-Gothic building with its arched windows and ornate parapets was built in 1927, after the previous building was destroyed in the 1924 tornado. The current shop that resides out of the building is The 530 Shop, which has been selling antiques since 2002. The owner’s family once had four separate businesses along Broadway and his family has owned this building location since its construction in 1927. During hard financial times, the family allowed others businesses to use to the store front. Some of these businesses include Horn Bros Meats, Richman Bros Co. Men’s Clothing, Wickens and Wilkins Furniture, and Clear Sylk Hosiery Stores. Although other businesses have operated out of 530 Broadway Ave., this one family has remained loyal to downtown Lorain since the tornado and still serves as a reminder of the perseverance and determination of the Lorain mindset.