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The Koehlers built the mansion in 1901-2. Fred was a jeweler, bank president and later personal secretary to Frank Buhl. It is a stunning showpiece on Sharon's East Hill. It has been lovingly restored by Dr Barry and Kimberly Marchetto.

  • Koehler Mansion in Sharon PA
       Since 2003, Dr Barry and Kimberly Marchetto have been restoring and expanding the Frederick and Carrie Koehler Mansion, including an expansive rear addition with an underground garage off Forker Place, an indoor pool, and a gazebo made from stone and the slate-covered turret of the Elliott Mansion.
          The couple did much of the work on the 29-room house themselves. They made extensive use of materials salvaged from the Elliott Mansion and three nearby small, wood-frame houses.
           The Koehlers built the house in 1901-2. Fred was a jeweler, bank president, and later personal secretary to Frank Buhl. Mrs Koehler was killed in 1915 in an automobile accident in Virginia during one of the couple'd frequent travels with the Buhls.
             Koehler died in 1933. Among the late owners of the house was Dr C. Howard Miller, who used it for his medical office and family home.
             The Marchettos' latest project involves the purchase and demolition of the Ann Baker house (354 East State) on the corner, west of the Koehler Mansion. They are turning the lot into an English garden that will connect with elaborate stonework to the main house and grounds.