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In 1998, Discovery Place and Red Mountain Museum merged to create McWane Science Center, an interactive science museum for children and parents. This science and children's museum is located in the former Loveman's department store building, and offers a number of programs, exhibits, and an IMAX® Dome Theater. The former department store, which closed in 1980, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its Art Deco architecture and its contribution to Birmingham's economic development.

  • McWane Science Center aims to “change lives through science and wonder.”
  • Loveman’s department store was an iconic Birmingham institution prior to changing consumer tastes that led to suburban shopping centers eclipsing downtown department stores in the 1970s.
The museum's permanent exhibits include:

The World of Water Aquarium--this exhibit includes several tanks that offer views of the of plants and animals found in area river systems, lakes, and oceans. These aquariums include 
eel, the moon jellyfish, clownfish. The Fox 6 Weather lab offers an inside view of the world of meteorology and the science of weather. The Explore! Lab that offers hands-on exploration of geology, paleontology, anthropology and zoology. The Alabama Dinosaurs exhibit features fossils discovered around the state. The Sea Monsters exhibit includes fossils and recreations of giant turtles, various reptiles, and even a mosasaur.

For the adventurous, there is a  a high-wire bicycle that safely transports children across the museum 

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