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The Sky High School was in use as of 1933 and still in use as of the late 1940s. The one-room school was abandoned by the 1970s. It has an outhouse and (now covered) water well adjacent to it and it was once heated by a stove. It is located on the radio tower property just off Sky High Road, which connects Rush Hollow Road to Little Cabell Creek Road.

  • Outhouse at Sky High School
  • Outhouse at Sky High School
  • Sky, Tree, Building, Wood
  • Wood, Floor, Flooring, Composite material
  • Building, Sky, Tree, Wood
  • Wood, Road surface, Grass, Automotive tire

Visit to Sky High School, 5 Mar 2017, Ona, WV

Interview with K. Woodard, 5 Mar 2017

"Turner School Ona WVa 1905" by Virginia M. Graham; "Turner School Ona", "Cabell Record Archives", "Doors to the Past"; accessed 14 July 2017

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Benjamin Woodard