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Monument Square Park features four monuments and historical markers. The largest monument is located in the center of the memorial park and is dedicated to men who served the Union in the Civil War. This monument, erected in 1893, is dedicated to local New Jersey men who lost their lives in the Union army and Navy. The monument highlights the service of area men in several pivotal battles of the war such as Williamsburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Atlanta, Gettysburg, Winchester, and Appomattox.

  • The SSgt. Frank Z. Molnar monument
  • The College Hall Marker
  • The Purple Heart memorial
  • The Civil War Monument
The other monuments in the area include the Purple Heart Memorial which honors the veterans wounded in battle serving the country. The park also includes the College Hall marker which indicates that this location was the second location of Queens College, what is now Rutgers University. Visitors can als see the SSgt. Frank Z. Molnar monument which honors the American soldier who sacrificed his life to save his platoon in 1967. Sergeant Monar was awarded the Medal of Honor for his selfless act of courage. 
Images by Bill Coughlin from The Historical Marker Database. Accessed June 12, 2017.