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The Cargill United Methodist Church has been around since 1904, but as been at this location only since 1957. It was named after the Cargill family in 1905 due to a monetary gift given by Mr. William W. Cargill to the Church in the memory of his parents.

  • Previous location of Cargill Methodist Church.
  • Current Location

This congregation has gone through many different phases throughout its history. Originally, there were two different Methodist congregations in Janesville, Wisconsin. The first one, in 1853, was housed in a building on McKinley Street and was called the First Methodist Church. Then on South Main Street, the The Court Street Methodist Church was constructed in 1868. It wasn`t until 1904 that the two congregations merged together and formed the Cargill Memorial Methodist Church. The most recent name change to Cargill Untied Methodist Church occurred in 1968 due to the global coming together of Methodist Church and the United Brethren Church. 

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