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The Trinity Episcopal Church was designed by A. Page Brown in the Norman style and was modelled on Durham Cathedral. Constructed of Colusa sandstone and built in 1891, the Church managed to survive the Great Earthquake without taking any damage. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

  • St Peter's Hall
  • Reverand Patricia Cunningham

The Church is in the Episcopal tradition in the Diocese of California. Originally founded in 1849, it is the oldest Episcopal Church on the West Coast. The current building was erected on the corner of Bush and Gough Streets in San Francisco in 1893. While the main sanctuary is awaiting seismic renovations, St. Peter's Hall is the current worship space. 

The current Pastor is Patricia (Trish) Cunningham, a Canadian who grew up in Southern California, Sydney, and the UK. She was set on her spiritual path as a child and has stayed with the church ever since. 

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