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The Community of Christ Temple is the headquarters for the second largest sect of Mormonism. The Community as a whole owns what is called the 'Greater Temple Lot' on which this marvelous and monstrous piece of architecture sits.

The city of Independence Missouri was first put on the radar of the Mormons through a revelation of Joseph Smith Jr. They believed independence was the next Zion. After Smith Jr. death his son Joseph Smith the III led a group back to Missouri in 1870. The church came back to Independence at this time. The Mormons official headquarters was officially in Independence starting in 1921.

  The Community of Christ temple was first known as the headquarters of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They started the construction process on April 6th 1990 and they temple was finished on April 17th 1994. Unlike many Mormon temples, this church is open to the public. As you enter the sanctuary there is an arch way that shows the sacred grove where Smith had his first revelation.


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