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This 60-acre park within the Omi International Arts Center is home to around 80 sculptures by contemporary artists. Over the past three decades, the Fields Sculpture Park has showcased works by over 2000 artists from 120 countries. Inside the park, the Charles B. Benenson Visitors' Center and Gallery holds educational events, concerts, and dance recitals, and contains a gallery of paintings and sculpture. This environmentally-friendly, LEED-certified building was designed to fit seamlessly into its environment.

  • Folkert de Jong's "Old DNA," 2014; on display May 28, 2016 - April 2017 (Omi International Arts Center)
  • Rob Fischer's "Spiral Side," 2010. Displayed in a past exhibition (Omi International Arts Center)
  • Bernar Venet, "Arcs in Disorder: 4 Arcs x 5," 2000. On display since 2002.
Francis Greenburger, an entrepreneur and real estate investor, is the founder of Art Omi. Greenburger's lucrative business activities made it possible for him to pursue his love of the arts. In his words, "I guess I had this feeling–that the experience of going to galleries was not a meaningful enough connection. It was too far removed. So I wanted to find ways to connect to artists, to get closer to the art I enjoyed experiencing" (quoted in "About: History," Omi International Arts Center). He established the Francis Greenburger Prize to reward emerging and "under-recognized" artists, and offered artist residencies to support the production of new work. He collaborated with friends Kathleen Triem and Peter Frank to develop the Fields Sculpture Park. 
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