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1800-1840 Ohio River Landing and the western terminus of Virginia's James River and Kanawha Turnpike.

  • An artist's conception of Holderby's Landing- Artwork by Margaret Gripshover in Ralph Turner, Marshall Memories, p. 8

The James River and Kanwaha Turnpike, connected Richmond, VA to the Ohio River at this location (16th Street and the Ohio River.) James Holderby purchased parts of lots 38 and 39 of the Savage Grant about 1821.He either built or continued a river boat landing at the site where the Turnpike came over 20th Street Hill to the Ohio River and joined McCoy Road (8th Street Road which lead to Trouts Hill now Wayne). During the Nineteenth Century, riverboats landed here to reach Marshall Academy. Today, the location at the northwest corner of Marshall University holds a steel plant and there is no access to the river.

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