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The White Bear Lake Area Historical Society, named after the adjacent lake, is housed in the historic Fillebrown House, which was built in 1879. The architect is unknown but the house is an excellent example of late 19th century cottage architecture, specifically called the Stick or Eastlake style. This architecture was popular during this period as residents of urban centers wanted homes that were close to nature. The town itself was a summer resort destination and many similar houses (and hotels) were built here. The Fillebrown House, which is also known as the Charles P. Noyes Cottage, was added to the National Register of Historic Places 1976.

  • The Fillebrown House was built in 1879, probably by Charles Noyes, to be a summer home he and his family.

Charles Noyes arrived in St. Paul from Connecticut in 1868 and worked as a pharmacist. It is not clear if he built the house but it is probably safe to speculate that he did and was therefore the first person to live here (along with his family). The Fillebrown family resided in the house for most of its existence. They donated the house to the White Bear Lake Historical Society in 1978.

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Photo: Elkman, via Wikimedia Commons