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This monument park unveiled by the City of Miami in 2005 plays a role in continuing the victory against systematic oppression even in new spaces. The symbol and history of a revolutionary who ultimately freed slaves can be used as a way to fuse activism and history together in public spaces.




Warrior Liberator Diplomat Stateman
Pioneer of the Pan Africanism and the Negritude Movement
Precursor of the Indepence of Haiti
Instrumental in the Abolition of Slavery in the Americas
May 20,1743 - April 7, 1803

"In overthrowing me you have cut down in Saint Domingue only the tree of the trunk of liberty, it will spring up again from the roots, for they are many and they are deep."

Our first thoughts of Haiti are as the first independent majority-Black nation in the Western Hemisphere. We know it as a country that is rich with history and beauty. Their heroes and human rights activists, Toussaint L'ouverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines, are our heroes and models of resistance. January 1, 1804 is the official declaration of Haitian independence and we celebrate that victory, too. This Caribbean island that has long been tied to American history and by extension Little Haiti's history.

Translation: Gerye,  Kaitou Diplomat Chefdeta
Pyonye nan Africanism nan Pan ak Mouvman an Negritude
Précurseur nan Indepence an nan Ayiti
Enstrimantal nan abolisyon esklavaj nan Amerik yo
Me 20,1743 - Avril 7, 1803

"Nan ranvèse m 'ou gen koupe desann nan Sendomeng sèlman pye bwa a nan kòf la libète, li pral pouse ankò soti nan rasin yo, paske yo anpil e yo gwo twou san fon."

panse premye nou an nan Ayiti yo jan nasyon an premye endepandan majorite-Nwa nan Emisfè Lwès la. Nou konnen li kòm yon peyi ki se moun rich ak istwa ak bote. ewo yo ak aktivis dwa moun, TOUSSAINT L'OUVERTURE ak Jean-Jacques Dessalines, se ewo nou yo ak modèl nan rezistans. , 1 janvye 1804 se deklarasyon ofisyèl la nan endepandans ayisyen ak nou selebre ke viktwa, tou. Sa a zile Karayib ki te lontan yo te mare nan istwa Ameriken yo ak pa istwa ekstansyon Little Ayiti a.