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The Battles for Chattanooga Museum is located in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. The museum displays artifacts from the battles that took place in Chattanooga during the Civil War. Lookout Mountain was the location of one of the most devastating battles that took place under the command of General Joseph Hooker. The Battles for Chattanooga is at the entrance of the historic Point Park. Point Park is the memorial park for the battle that occurred on Lookout Mountain. The museum contains artifacts such as guns, weapons and equipment used during these battles. The museum teaches about the battles of Lookout Mountain, Wauhatchie, Missionary Ridge, Orchard Knob, and Brown’s Ferry.

  • The Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map & Museum
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     The Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map and Museum was renovated in 2016.  It now displays a digital projection mapped show on the history that took place in Chattanooga during the Civil War. This new feature was brought in to help bring the battles to life for visitors so they can visualize what occurred during this time.  The digital projections tell about Chattanooga’s Battle Above the Clouds and Sherman’s assault on Missionary Ridge.
     Lookout Mountain is a historic battlefield in Tennessee.  It is the location of the battle that took place on November 24th, 1863. The encounter is known as The Battle Above the Clouds. It is referred to like this because of the imminent fog that covered the mountain from the weapons used during the confrontation.  
     The Battles for Chattanooga Museum also teaches about the Wauhatchie battle, Missionary Ridge, Orchard Knob and Brown’s Ferry. Wauhatchie gave the Union army access to Nashville and Trenton railroads. This allowed the officers to gain control of their supply lines, which enabled them to feed the starving army men in Chattanooga. The Battle of Missionary Ridge took place on November 25, 1863. Under the command of General H. Thomas, troops stormed the rifle pits of the Confederate troops without orders to do so. Orchard Knob is where General Ulysses S. Grant gave orders to the army as they progressed at Missionary Ridge. On October 27, 1863, troops battled at Brown’s Ferry, allowing them to gain control and create the Cracker Line supply route. 

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