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Thomas Henry Burrowes was trusted by the public and served as the fourth president of the Pennsylvania State University and served as Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He also was the State Chairman of the Anti-Masonic Party. There is a road going through State College that is named after him because he was well admired by the students that he taught at the Pennsylvania State University.

  • Thomas Henry Burrowes
  • Thomas Henry Burrowes' grave stone in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Born in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, Burrowes never got a college degree, even though he had a good academic education. He took a year of law at Yale and had been admitted to the Lancaster bar in 1829, even though he never practiced law extensively. He then went on to farm in Lancaster County. He was the ninth Mayor of Lancaster from 1835-39. He founded and published the Pennsylvania School Journal and served at the state superintendent of common schools from 1860-63 and superintendent of the soldiers orphan schools from 1863-68. Burrowes served as the fourth President of Pennsylvania State University from 1968 until 1871, where he died in office at the age of 65.

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