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The Duesenburg Motors Company was an early manufacturer of cars in Indiana. A pair of brothers known for their success in car racing headquartered their company in Indianapolis, the successful company growing the industry in Indiana's capitol, which came to eventually rival Detroit in its role in the nationwide auto industry.

The Duesenburg brothers left New Jersey in 1920 in search of a location to produce their own automobiles. Having already built several cars that raced in the Indy 500, the city of Indianapolis proved a perfect place to set up. Transitioning to the construction of luxury cars, Duesenburg Motors was eventually bought out due to high competition in the market. After being acquired by the EL Cord, who had started his own automobile company and also previously bought the Auburn Automobile Company, Duesenburg's plants were used to produce the Model J, known as the ultimate status symbol and driven by both Al Capone and members of European Nobility.

The demand for luxury cars plummeted during the great depression and the Duesenberg Motor Company eventually went bankrupt in 1937.

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