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The purpose of the museum is to collect and preserve historical records and artifacts pertaining to the Town of Massena and to make them available for historical and educational research. The Massena Museum is actively involved in collecting and preserving documents and artifacts and in producing exhibits to involve community members in interpreting local history. It seeks to cooperate with other repositories, individuals and institutions in the North Country in order to promote the identification, preservation and use of all records and artifacts for understanding the North County's history.

Until 1980, the museum was located in the basement of the town hall on Main Street. In 1981, the town purchased a new building (a former wing from the barracks hospital) and a lot at 200 East Orvis Street to become the  museum's home. A large addition was constructed in 1995.​ November 2017 saw the completion of our move to our current location at 79 Main St.  In addition to the Museum the new Cultural Centre houses an exhibition gallery for exhibits.