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The Parkville Association seeks to preserve, maintain, and promote the historical context within Downtown Parkville. Car Counselors assists individuals to purchase vehicles. The building also occupies a certified emotionally focused therapist. Art4U aims to bring Ukraine, and other European art work along with local art work from the Kansas City area. Bert Yerrington may have been the constructor of of the building. The construction of the basement began in June of 1909 while superstructure of the building began later that year. The first occupant was Dr. Underwoood who operated Park Pharmacy. Dr. Underwood, with his daughters, also operated a local lunch counter next door at 109 Main Street. The building was later home to Main Street Collectables.

  • Exterior of the building.
  •  Photograph is from 1994 Historic Property Inventory of Parkville.
  • Photograph obtained by Parkville Missouri History
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